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Medically Supervised Weight Management Franchise, 100% natural with a holistic approach

Dr. Allison Green






Dr. Allison Haugton Green, M.D., FAAP
Clinical Bariatrician
Board Certified Pediatrician
Founder and President
The Institute of Weight Management & Metabolic Medicine of Orlando
Author of “Dr. Green’s Nutritional Tips”


  • Pediatric Residency Program, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando Health, Orlando, FL
  • Doctorate of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Howard University, Washington, D.C., Suma Cum Laude

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Pediatrics

Medical Licensure

  • Florida Department of Health


  • American Society of Bariatric Physicians
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • American Medical Association
  • Florida Medical Association
  • Obesity Action Coalition
  • Age Management Medicine Group

My approach is a simple, medically-proven program specifically structured to meet your inpidual weight loss goals. 3 Easy Steps for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to restore your proper insulin levels and restrict your diet for rapid, safe weight loss. If you are a busy mom, business owner, teacher, executive – however busy you are – you can do this! You will lose weight, improve your health and get your energy levels up so you can make it through those busy days.

I know first hand how busy life can be. I am a mother of twins in my 40′s.


Your Practice. Our Parnership.

Founded in 2013 by owner/operator Allison Haughton-Green, MD , Weight Management Centers of America, LLC’ vision for the community is to combat the obesity epidemic by empowering physicians to treat their patients in their current practices with the highest quality weight management program.

Dear Colleague, 

My name is Dr Allison Haughton-Green, a physician who am expert at permanent weight loss for the entire family. I have mastered the ability identify and treat insulin resistance quickly  and effectively.  Consequently, I can help my patient normalize their body fat. Trust me, is the only way to lose weight and unhealthy body fat and keeping it off for 5 or more years.

My passion to eradicate obesity all over the world was birthed out of my personal experience with obesity. Prior to 2008 when I was 47 pounds overweight, I suffered from type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infertility due to Polycystic ovarian syndrome, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue and insomnia. Losing 47 pounds in 90 days changed my health forever. There was no  need for me to take prescription medications to these chronic diseases.


One of my twin boys because overweight then obese by age 10. He had excessive abdominal fat. His blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting glucose and insulin levels were elevated. I could not wait. The traditional calories in calories out methodology did not work. My pediatric training did not equip me to help my son and others like him with his weight.

I designed a protocol for him which treated his underlying disease, his insulin resistance. Once that was treated, my son lost 27 lbs in 90 days and most importantly  his body fat was finally in the normal range. Yes I had to buy all new shorts and pants for him after he went from size 16 pants waist to size 10 in 90 days. What a joy to see his lab work normalize!

My passion is to partner with you, other like minded professionals that really strive to eradicate obesity in your patients. You understand the importance of a treating the underlying problem. You understand that like any chronic illness such as asthma,  you must treat with a 2 prong approach: rescue medications and controllers. Yes you initially treat your co morbidities of obesity with prescription medication, but get no pleasure with refilling these medications every 3 months for the rest of their lives. Instead, you understand that the second most crucial step is the get their weight under control. Treat the obesity too. You understand that is your obligation. We took hypocrites oath ” Do No Harm”. Every single prescription drug has a adverse side effect. What a joy it will be for you to wean your patients off their rescue medications once their weight and body fat percentage is normal.

What I described above is a huge undertaking. 66% of our population is overweight. We need the help of ALL of our health care professionals. Our training in Clinical Bariatrics is limited or non existent. This is were I CAN HELP.

I founded Weight Management Centers of America LLC  to establish a weight management center in your existing practice or help you open a new practice. We have a turn key system that works. It is simple to implement. The health benefits to your patients and the financial rewards for your practice will be astounding.

I am excited to partner with you on your  journey to practicing “Happy Medicine”. Take advantage our complimentary guide on How to Open Your Weight Management Center by clicking on the button on the bottom of the screen. I guarantee that we can make this process seamless for you.

Wishing you Fun, Fulfillment and Financial Freedom,


Warm Regards,
Allison L. Haughton-Green, M.D., FAAP





Friendly nurse


Our mission is to heal our nation’s children, and their parents, from diseases caused by obesity through Education, Accountability and Support. By partnering with an elite group of like-minded physicians, our team shares the vision of “Happy Medicine, with a Holistic Approach”.


“Your Practice. Our Partnership” is our commitment to a high quality standard all of our clients. Our objective is to provide the highest quality, 100% natural weight management program, comparable to none.



Weight Management Centers of America, LLC can establish a weight management program customized especially for you into your current practice.


Weight Management Centers of America, LLC has become a trusted partner in the fight against obesity in the Central Florida area. Our physicians receive overwhelming referrals and support from their colleagues in the community to treat their overweight and obese patients.