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Medically Supervised Weight Management Franchise, 100% natural with a holistic approach


How much inventory do I need to carry?

The initial ordering of inventory for all program supplies, including lab, office,

medical, and private label supplements should be based on the research completed

during the pre-marketing time frame.

Your marketing and design team should be able to capture an estimated patient

volume in order to properly stock your supply needs for the start of the program.


Do you use prescription appetite suppressants in your weight management protocol?

No.  Our program utilizes FDA approved neutraceuticals to help curb appetite,

normalize insulin levels, and reduce intracellular inflammation.


How long does the process take to implement your protocol in our office?

The time from start up to opening varies from practice to practice.  The average time

to implement your wellness program is approximately 90 days.


What is the aim of the WMCA Preceptorship Program?

Physicians know the frustration of treating chronic diseases with prescription

medicine. This is simply suppressing the underlying disease or silent inflammation.

The goal of WMCA is to partner with like-minded physicians that understand the

need to treat chronic disease with a holistic and restorative approach using food as a

drug to treat silent inflammation, the silent killer.


Why do I need your services to implement my own Weight Management Program?

The development of intellectual property is time consuming and requires extensive

research. The physician and staff will need to become an affiliate with the ASBP,

American Society of Bariatric Physicians. This group of medical providers is the

most prestigious group actively treating obesity in the world. The membership and

their corresponding annual obesity conferences are crucial to keep your medical

staff up to date with the latest research and trends in obesity and weight loss.


What other Medical Associations should we be affiliated with?

Age Management Medicine Group is another medical society that the physicians

would be affiliated with. They provide evidence-based continuing medical education

conferences and publications of scientific studies.  Their high-value conference

delivers four exceptional days immersed in trending topics, emerging science,

interactive panel discussions, challenging presentations and advanced clinical

applications so you can add this leading specialty immediately to your existing

practice and the physician can learn how to become certified in Age

Management Medicine.


What are the initial steps that are taken by the WMCA physician and staff?

The physician will need to research, develop, and test a nutritional plan/concept

that will be the center of the weight loss/wellness program. The physician and

advisors will also need to research and develop the appropriate forms, patient

materials, and start-up paperwork customized for your practice for your weight loss



Am I going to be more stressed because I have to see more patients each day?

No. This revolutionary weight management program replied heavily on your

ancillary staff to provide the support and education to your patients. The program is

aimed at training the person in your practice, your Wellness Coach, who will be

responsible for facilitating a patient’s transition to an improved diet and healthier

lifestyle. The time that the physician has to have contact with the patient is

approximately 15 minutes during their initial visit, and 15 minutes the following

visit a week later. Then your Wellness Coaches sees your patients on a weekly basis

and consults you if there is an issue.