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Medically Supervised Weight Management Franchise, 100% natural with a holistic approach

Dr. Nicole Bramwell

Just a short note to say thank you to Dr. Green and her weight loss program. For about 15 years, I have had to take multiple medications in addition to exercise and eating what I thought was a good diet. However, the diet was still not good for me since I have Metabolic Syndrome with high triglycerides and abnormal blood sugar, “not quite diabetes but very close”. Exercise never helped me lose my belly because the metabolic syndrome and abnormal use of insulin by my body with carbohydrate intake just kept depositing fat to my belly. I am happy to say that now with the loss of 13 pounds, minimal carb intake and only one medication my triglycerides dropped from over 400 to 62 in 3 months, my body fat percentage decreased by 7%, my cholesterol is below 200 and my good cholesterol (HDL) is 47 and a normal blood sugar; the highest it has ever been. Now I can exercise without the frustration of having toned arms and legs and butt with a big belly. This plan really works. I don’t crave rice and other carbs like before; honestly, I don’t miss them. I am now a size 8 from a size 10 and everyone, including me say I look great. Thank you sooooooo much, Dr. Green. Keep helping others find out how fabulous and healthy they can feel and look with this plan for life.