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Medically Supervised Weight Management Franchise, 100% natural with a holistic approach

Why Us?


When you first contract with our consulting firm, our team will schedule a site visit to evaluate your practice and meet with your current staff. Our team will work closely with you for 90 days as you implement your weight management program.

 100% Natural

Our weight management program is 100% natural, the main component being FOOD. Our program educates the patients about food and its effect on their bodies. In the culture of quick fixes and “diet pills”, our program only uses natural vitamins and supplements that assist the weight loss process.

No Royalties

Weight Management Centers of America, LLC is a consulting firm that provides a turn-key process. Our vision is to empower physicians to impact their existing patients and surrounding community. Our firm does not implement any royalty or long-standing franchise fees in our contract.

Small Business, Personal Touch

Weight Management Centers of America, LLC is a small business that provides the personal touch you deserve. Our founders provide the highest quality service by eliminating huge overhead costs.

Elite Physician Partner Group

Weight Management Centers of America, LLC is only partnering with physicians who are like-minded and have the same passion for wellness. Our physician partners are on a mission to fight the obesity epidemic, one patient at a time.

We guarantee to beat all of our competitors on technology, reliability, and personal service. Our team’s priority is your practice and your patients.

Our promise

Our goal is to be with you every step of the way, from ordering supplies to seeing your first weight management patient. Our team will guide you through the process and treat your program as if it’s our own. All of our physicians will be practicing Rewarding Medicine with Real Results!


Everything we do at Weight Management Centers of America, LLC is for ease of service for our physician partners. All our partners are on the same mission, to fight the obesity epidemic and our goal is to provide our partners with the highest quality tools to do so.

To further emphasize the value of our service, we have compared pricing from 3 other weight loss franchises. Weight Management Centers of America, LLC is not only the most cost-effective but is also the highest quality for your patients.

Comparison chart